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Hybrid nails are a hit of the last few years, which will definitely remain fashionable for a long time. Hybrid nail polish combines the benefits of gel products and traditional nail polish, which is why it is so popular lately.

The procedure is performed almost the same as a regular classic manicure. The difference is that in nail salons near me special gel varnishes are used, which must be fixed in the lamp. Despite this, the final effect is so natural that it is difficult to distinguish which nails were painted with ordinary varnish and which hybrid.

There are many types of hybrid nail art. The biggest trends include the mermaid effect, baby boomer ombre, chameleon effect and cat’s eye. Hybrid French manicure is extremely popular.

Pros of Hybrid Manicure:

When it comes to different types of manicure, the hybrid option seems to be a reasonable one in terms of long-term damage to your nails.

It won’t cause as much damage as gel or acrylic manicure. Hybrid manicure places itself somewhat in the middle, so if you want a more durable and stronger nail polish, hybrid is the way to go.

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