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How to Get a Great Pedicure

Nail salon 29909 - Pink Polish Nails & Spa - Okatie SC: Sinking into a pedicure chair may be the ultimate act of pampering, but if you really want well-groomed feet, pay attention to a few key details.

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Safety first

Make sure the salon has pipeless footbaths. Pipes cause bacteria to get caught in the jets, and you end up soaking in murky water. Make sure the tools come out of an autoclave or a liquid solution (in which they've soaked for at least ten minutes). Bringing your own set is best, but make sure it's a good kit. Dull nippers will cut you.

Smooth things over

Soft feet are just as important as flawless polish, and getting them requires time—and elbow grease—from your technician. Cheapie salons tend to rush this step. Decline the scary razor tool altogether. Instead, request a buffer with a metal surface; I like Soft Touch and Diamancel.

Shape up

Don't let the pedicurist snip or file your nails more than a tiny bit down the side wall—cutting too much can cause ingrown nails. Technicians usually ask if you want your nails to be round or straight. I like the shape of the nail to mirror the cuticle's natural curve. Limit any cutting of cuticles to the translucent skin that grows onto the nail, nothing deeper. Finally, make sure the nails are perfectly dry and lotion-free before she applies the basecoat.

Color coded

In the summer, I like darker toenails with lighter fingernails. Try Schiap by Nars (a shocking pink) on your feet with a light cream on your hands. If your toes are going to be on display at a dressy event, you can't go wrong with a classic red. A sheer shade can take as long as two hours to dry fully. An opaque or dark color may take up to four hours to dry on a humid day. Bring along flip-flops to wear home so you don't have to stuff your feet into shoes.

Keep up appearances

With a little maintenance, a good pedicure can last three weeks. To prevent chipping, swipe on a topcoat with polish extender twice a week. (Barielle and OPI make good ones.) File calluses in the shower every other day, and dab on a little cuticle oil once you've dried off.

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